Welcome to Goldrich and Kest Industries, LLC

This web site serves several different audiences:

For business associates, vendors, and affiliates of G&K, it contains a wealth
of information about the company including its history, its diversified business
interests, personnel, holdings, and its business strategy.

For the apartment hunter, all of the G&K managed properties can be found 
here:  Conventional and Affordable (government  subsidized) apartments
throughout  California, retirement  living  accomodations as  well as marinas, 
and  housing  for  sale  -  even those looking for commercial, industrial, or
retail space...

You can find a home or property to meet your needs and expectations here. 

For its employees or those who hope to become employees, there are current
career opportunities posted with a means to contact the company and apply. 
For employees and partners there are means to connect to the company
and selected information systems.

We hope you find what you're looking for.